Have you ever wondered what that weird growth on your tree is or what kind of bug is burrowing in the bark? How about whether or not that branch hanging over the driveway needs to come down? Are you suppose to water trees like you do everything else?

Whether you have questions about the health of your tree, your tree’s appearance or just not sure what to do, About Trees always provides free consultations and evaluations.

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Healthy Tree Characteristics

  • Symmetrical
  • Good Size & Location
  • Free of Insects & Disease
  • Free of Fungi
  • Root System
  • Good Soil & Drainage

What is a Hazard Tree?

  • Dead Branches
  • Gall Rust
  • Insects
  • Split Trunks
  • Mistletoe & Fungus
  • Broken Tops
  • Close to Structure (uplifting)
  • Crown Gall

Hire A Professional

  1. They safely and efficiently use proper equipment
  2. They can provide in-depth evaluations for hidden damage
  3. They become familiar with your trees, making it easier to provide long-term tree care

What You Can Do

  • Work on trees and shrubs that don’t require ladders. Prune out small dead and broken branches within reach of a handsaw, polesaw or pole pruning
  • Apply a 2-4 inch layer of wood chips or organic mulch over the root zone. This helps retain moisture and provide beneficial organic material to the tree roots
  • Have trees inspected regularly for disease or decay in order to prevent hazards in the tree.

Choosing A Tree Care Company

  1. Check accreditation. Check About Trees at TCIA
  2. Check licensing, insurance and bonding. Check About Trees at CSLB
  3. Do you need an Arborist? Check Here

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